Wednesday, 25 May 2011

AION North America and Europe Now Release 2.5 Version


Aion: Version 2.5 Overview 

Aion players in North America and Europe have been playing Aion v2.1 for awhile and will see the second half of the update arrive in early 2011. Korean Aion players, however, are taking on the 2.5 update that will bring significant changes to the game. Community Manager Michael Bitton had the opportunity to sit down with Associate Producer Sean Neil to talk about what 2.5 will bring to the table. Check it out and then let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

New Content

Players looking for new content to tackle won’t be disappointed with version 2.5, as NCsoft will be introducing two new instances to the game. Version 2.0 “Assault on Balaurea” moved the game’s storyline towards all-out war with the Balaur and the introduction of version 2.5 will mark another change in the game’s storyline, as the Daevas pull back in order to resupply and retrain.

To that end, two new instances will reflect this change in storyline, the first, will send Daevas out to cut off the Balaur supply line, while the second is an arena-style instance where players will test their mettle against waves upon waves of enemies.

 In order to tackle all the new content, players can also look forward to three new skills per class as well as five to six updated skills. A new enchanting system (in addition to godstones, mana stones etc) tentatively named the “Sacred Item” enchanting system will also be included with 2.5, though NCsoft was unable to talk about this system in further detail at this time.

Later this month the second half of the 2.1 update will deploy to live servers and include an overhauled crafting system, which 2.5 will improve upon with additional designs.

New Systems and UI Improvements

Version 2.5 will include some major changes and additions to Aion’s systems. The most noteworthy addition is the introduction of a new “Helper” system that doles out quests to higher level players tasking them with helping lower level players with their questing and rewarding the higher level player with coin.

Aion’s map system will see a major overhaul with 2.5 as well, Sean Neil described the new map as a kind of “Google Maps for Aion”. The new map will be a 3D topographical map, as opposed to the current static JPEG image players are used to working with at the moment. The new map will allow for zooming in, getting directions to certain NPCs, etc.

The pets system will undergo some changes, though details are currently pretty scant. Players can look forward to an array of new pets and some additional functionality focused on interacting with your pets, including new pet emotes and more.


Players who are part of a Legion will be glad to find out that NCsoft is introducing some significant changes for Legions with the launch of 2.5, including a raise in the Legion level cap from 3 to 5, two new Legion character ranks along with new permissions (including warehouse permissions), new Legion items, new cloaks, and last but not least, NCsoft is responding to user feedback regarding the Legion warehouse with an increase to the warehouse’s storage slots.

One Step Closer to the “Vision”

For more Detail 2.5 Patch Note

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