Friday, 22 April 2011

Dragon Nest China MMORPG , The Guide With English language pack

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This guide serves as an Ultimate compilation of many guides, combined to ease the browsing of Fellow LYN Dragon Nest players. These guides are mostly translations as this is a china server and there will be alot players who doesnt understand chinese but are playing this game as well...

A brief introduction about Dragon Nest... DN is a MMO-ARPG i would say... there's no more point and click - old school system in this MMO.. their aiming system is on the center of the screen and there you go.. every movement you do focuses there... Think about a FPS game... or rather a third person shooter... that's how ARPG is like... The game is developed by eyedentity games and hosted first at Nexon Korea... now the game has finally come to a server without IP block and also more players that understands the game language... China...

Cut the crap... Now we're on to business...

To register a normal Dragon Nest Account

1. Click here to the official site:

2. After loading the page, you could find many buttons: Registration, Client Download and Patch Download. (You need to download and install all the patches. pleast note that all the patches will be .exe files so that you just install them in the Dragon Nest folder )

 *After installing the client,  you need to update all version 1st and copy paste ENGLISH interfere to client directory.  can download english pack HERE

3. Choose the left Registration Button to create a normal account.

4. Fill in the accout and password. (Below them you can fill in the Chinese Name and ID Number so as to create an Adult Account, otherwise your accout will be ranked as 18- account. It may afftect you in the future, but not the beta test. lol! )

5. Congrats! Now you successfully created your Dragon Nest Account! Go for your adventure!

Prevent Anti-addict system
Now once you're done you'll need to deactivate an Anti-addict system so that you can always log in without waiting..
I think now they alrdy upgrade register system need to use IC and name chinese only..can generate using tool below.
To do that....Follow these 3 steps..

1-Generate an IC here -

2-LOG IN here....

3-Write name and IC here...

Note: I am not responsible on any illegal usage of these IC numbers....

When you are done.. congratulations... moving on to server choice...

Choosing Region and Server
Now before you get to log in and choose servers... you have to choose which Region do you belong to... not that it matters but you need it so that we can meet up... and so that you can UPDATE....

First Choose the region.. Press this button

Then choose this region.. which one you want.
Note: it will be very laggy here and the process seems to be not responding.. be more patient... it's not what you think it is.. let it run and wait just to press OK....

Now when you're done... you can update by pressing this button.. when you're done it'll turn red... that means update is Successful and you can start the game now...

Now you done for this. click on same button as update to start the game.

P/S : Any question about this just ask me here.. ENJOY ~ ^^

credit source : lowyat forum



  1. pasang dok main game cina mana plak..hehe

  2. game baru .. english version tak kluar lgi..

  3. haha..button reply tu xleh guna pon..silap html nie..

  4. ang buang word verification tu..payah nak comment

  5. yang mana? untuk comment box aku tak sentuh lgi...


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